Our Approach

We are Digital Marketing, ecommerce & design experts from Nigeria, We are interest in Fulltime, Part-time and per project placement opportunity. Because of the constant evolving technology in the ecommerce, digital marketing and design, we make sure that we are on the edge by extensive researches and upgrading courses. This make us to be your right candidate in digital marketing, ecommerce or design. In this ever dynamic industry.

Our Story

We started in 2008, I was a fresh graduate from Nigeria looking for what to lay hand on, while waiting for an employment opportunity. But as God may have it, I learnt about freelancer through a news media call Success Digest. From there I signed up freelancer.com, Odesk.com as well as Elancer.com (both have merge to be upwork.com).

This is how we started, I got interested into digital marketing through my numerous clients hired me, And I have this passion to seeing them succeed in their business, coupled with my ability to learn some new thing has made, grown in this industry. When we started, I knew next to nothing in digital marketing but we had held one position in ebay sale in freelancer.com, for about 2 to 3 years.

We grew to a strong 9 person team which consists of three teams: eBay Design, Web Design & Admin and Digital Marketing

We have success stories across these platforms and have gotten great experience having been in the business these years with many clients.

Meet the Team

Mmuoma Chinonso Michael

Founder & CEO

Esther Michael

Vice President